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Israel's UAS Technologies signs training pact with Simlat

Israeli manufacturer UAS Technologies has unveiled a new unmanned air system design in conjunction with training specialist Simlat.

Intended to meet a growing demand to provide instruction for unmanned system operators, the UAS 20 has a 4.1m (13.5ft) wingspan and a fuselage length of 1.6m. The air vehicle has an empty weight of 12kg (26.4lb) and can be flown with a fuel and sensor payload totalling a further 12kg.

"We have developed the UAS 20 as a generic platform that can be used for training," says UAS Technologies managing director Amir Snir. Powered by a fuel or electric engine, the aircraft can carry various payloads and deliver an endurance of more than 24h, he adds.


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The company, which already works as a subcontractor for some of Israel's major unmanned air system manufacturers, has signed a long-term contract with Simlat to allow for the integration of the latter's UAS flight and mission trainer with the UAS 20's operator console. The agreement also covers customised platform and payload simulation for UAS Technologies' current and future customers.

"Choosing Simlat as our key training systems provider seemed the obvious solution for UAS Technologies," Snir says. "We can now offer our customers a turn-key training solution for the UAS 20, at the highest level of fidelity."

The catapult-launched UAS 20 can be flown to a maximum altitude of 16,000ft (4,880m), has a top speed of 72kt (133km/h) and a cruising speed of 42kt. After landing, the aircraft is stopped using as recovery net.

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