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  • Lufthansa Technik to repair 737 struck by car: Arik

Lufthansa Technik to repair 737 struck by car: Arik

Arik Air will ferry a Boeing 737-700 to Germany for inspection and repairs after a car slammed into the aircraft on a tarmac in Nigeria.

The incident on 31 March damaged the fuselage belly of the 737, Arik says. Lufthansa Technik engineers completed ferry repairs at the damage site in Calabar, Nigeria, the airline adds.

"The engineers are expected to carry out a [non-destructive test series] on the aircraft and certify the aircraft on completion of the repairs," says Chris Ndulue, acting managing director of Arik Air.

After arriving in Germany, the aircraft could be out of service for about 30 days.

A taxi driver reportedly claiming to be Jesus Christ slammed his car through to sets of security gates to reach the 737 on the tarmac. No one was injured in the incident, and the taxi driver was taken into custody immediately.

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