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​Lufthansa to complete 737 phase-out in October

Lufthansa intends to retire its last remaining Boeing 737s in October, some 48 years after the German carrier became the type's launch operator.

The replacement is part of a fleet simplification to reduce the number of aircraft types across Lufthansa Group, said chief executive Carsten Spohr at a Star Alliance event in Zurich on 4 June.

Phasing out the BAE Systems Avro RJ and Fokker 100/70 regional jets at Swiss and Austrian Airlines, respectively, are part of the same effort, adds Spohr.

The three mainlines have narrowbody fleets comprising Airbus A320-family models, but deploy different manufacturers' types on regional routes.

Flightglobal's Fleets Analyzer database shows that Lufthansa operates seven 737-300s today.

In 1993 – as Lufthansa replaced its 737-200s with Classic-generation 737s – the carrier operated 110 aircraft from the narrowbody family.

Lufthansa was the 737-100's launch operator in 1968. Only 30 aircraft of the initial variant were built.

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