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Mexico receives special mission Citations

Bird Aerosystems has supplied the Mexican air force with an undisclosed number of airborne surveillance intelligence and observation (ASIO) systems based on Cessna Citation aircraft.

The aircraft have been converted to carry the different sensors that comprise the ASIO system, and in addition were re-engined to carry the Williams FJ44.

According to Shaul Mazor, the company’s vice-president of marketing and business development, ASIO is a multi-role surveillance aircraft designed for military and environmental monitoring roles.

Mexico has acquired the aircraft to monitor sensitive infrastructure sites such as fuel pipelines and power stations.

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Bird Aerosystems

“The ASIO uses the latest surveillance sensors and technologies available,” Mazor says, adding that the Cessna Citation proved to be an ideal platform for patrol missions.

“The modified Citation aircraft is offered either as a direct sale or as part of a leasing service agreement,” he adds. “This enables the aircraft to be delivered with very short lead times and provides users with an immediate operational solution.”

The ASIO system typically includes a high-resolution electro-optical/infrared camera, synthetic aperture radar, a communication intelligence payload, an electronic intelligence payload, side-looking airborne radar, and a satellite communications data link.