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Military Aircraft Directory: AMX


Manufacturer PWRr MTD WS FL









CR Max

AMX Attack 49.1kN 10.0 13.2 M 0.84 7 42,650 1 3800 889
1 x Rolls-Royce Spey 807 Turbofan
Range is ferry; Combat radius mission weight of 10,750kg with 907kg load

 Abbreviations: PWR-Power, Max TD-Thrust dry, Max TR-Thrust re-heat, WS-Wingspan, FL-Fuselage length, Max RF-Max range (km), H-Hardpoints, Max OC-Max Operating Ceiling, Max Pay.-Max Payload, C-Crew, P-Pax, Max WLE-Max Load External (warload) (kg), E-Endurance, CR Max PNR-Combat Radius Max Payload No-Refuel.

AMX International, c/o Alenia, Via Faustiniana, Rome I-00131,Italy; Tel:+39 6 52 291, Fax:+39 6 807 2215  

Venezuela's selection of the Alenia/Aermacchi/Embraer AMX in July for a trainer/attack requirement has lent the aircraft a further lease of life. Up to 24 AMX Advanced Trainer Attack (ATA) variants are to be purchased. This variant will feature upgraded avionics planned for Brazilian and Italian air force aircraft. Italy continues to consider converting AMXs to fulfil the dedicated EW role. It is integrating the Paveway II laser-guided bomb on the aircraft, with target designation provided by Panavia Tornados carrying the Thomson-CSF CLDP pod. The air force plans to equip some of its AMX units for the tactical-reconnaissance role, using the Orpheus pod.

Brazil has also started to consider a major upgrade programme for its AMX fleet, and still has to decide whether to buy a planned fourth batch of aircraft. The air force ordered a third batch of 22 AMX attack aircraft in 1993, almost 12 months later than originally planned.

Work on the AMX is divided 70:30 between Italy and Brazil, with Italy's share divided 70:30 between Alenia and Aermacchi. The AMX(T) trainer has a second cockpit replacing the forward-fuselage fuel tank. Deliveries to Italy started in late 1990 and to Brazil a year later.