NBAA: AirNav looks skyward with new space-based aircraft tracking

Worldwide flight tracking and data provider AirNav Systems is upping its game, announcing plans to offer space-based aircraft tracking next year.

The company's space tracking will be possible thanks to new nano-satellites scheduled for launch later this year and in 2019, says chief executive Andre Brandao.

Those satellites enable space tracking through the automatic-dependent surveillance broadcast network, AirNav says.

The 20-year-old Tampa-based company already operates an ADS-B network composed of some 8,000 ground receivers worldwide, and also operates the tracking website

But adding satellite technology will enable tracking worldwide, even in the most remote locations on earth, says Brandao.

The company is likewise releasing new products that will let customers track aircraft more accurately and more easily – by simply entering a tail number into the website, Brandao says.

NavAir's customers include private jet operators, aerospace development companies, airports, fixed-base operators and other aerospace professionals, he says.

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