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  • NBAA: Bombardier starts building Learjet 85

NBAA: Bombardier starts building Learjet 85

Bombardier Aerospace has revealed that its Learjet 85 team have successfully completed the aircraft level critical design review of the program, allowing production of the new mid-size business jet to begin. Development and production teams in North America and Europe are "actively engaged in the manufacturing validation phase," says Bombardier. The Learjet 85 will enter service in late 2013.

"We have made solid progress," said Ralph Acs, Vice President and General Manager for the Learjet at Bombardier Business Aircraft. "Our manufacturing sites are ready, production has begun, we have been successfully building parts and we are ensuring that all quality standards are met for the Learjet 85 aircraft's entry into service in 2013."

The Querétaro, Mexico, site is operational, with manufacturing validation underway. A full-length composite fuselage has been assembled, and the first test vehicle is in production.

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