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Nextjet suspects aircraft sabotage at regional airport

Swedish regional carrier Nextjet has called in police after discovering possible sabotage to an aircraft parked at Gallivare airport.

The airline has cancelled its flight 2N551 to Kramfors for 30 October.

Nextjet has not identified the aircraft involved but it typically operates British Aerospace ATP turboprops on the route.

The carrier tells FlightGlobal that the airport, located in the far north of Sweden, experienced a break-in.

"This was revealed early this morning [on 30 October] and there were reasons to believe that there has been a sabotage," it says, without elaborating on its nature.

Nextjet adds that it has turned the matter over to Swedish police. Gallivare airport has been closed, it says, and its services will operate to Kiruna or Arvidsjaur until it re-opens.

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