OSHKOSH: Cirrus tests first production-conforming Vision jet

Cirrus Aircraft is continuing to test the flight characteristics of the first production-conforming model of the single-engined SF-50 Vision jet, says Cirrus president and chief operating officer Pat Waddick.

The first aircraft, known as C-0, achieved first flight last March and entered Part 23 certification testing shortly thereafter. It will be followed by the end of the year with first flights of the C-1 model dedicated to icing testing and the C-2 model, Waddick says. The latter will fly functional and reliability tests.

Cirrus plans to deliver the first SF-50 jet to a customer at the end of 2015, Waddick says.

It will enter the market as the only certificated, single-engined jet with a greater than 300kt cruise speed and a 28,000ft service ceiling.

Testing will start next year on the parachute system for the SF-50. The SR-20 and SR-22 pistons both use a parachute system that deploys in case of loss of control, with 46 recorded events to date, according to Cirrus.

“Of course, you’ve got a 6,000lb airplane that’s going a lot faster, so the technical challenges, the integration challenges are certainly more significant than in the past,” Waddick says.

The development of the SR-22 G5 model, which added 90.7kg (200lb) to the maximum take-off weight, contributed to the company’s research into heavier, faster parachute deployments, Waddick says.

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