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  • Picture: Shuttle Atlantis begins penultimate mission

Picture: Shuttle Atlantis begins penultimate mission

NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis emerges through the clouds over launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center seconds after its lift-off at 14:28 local time on 16 November for its penultimate mission, STS-129 to the International Space Station. During Atlantis's 11-day mission, its crew will deliver parts including a spare gyroscope and will bring back NASA astronaut Nicola Stott, who has been a flight engineer for ISS Expeditions 20 and 21. Atlantis's final mission will be next May, when it will deliver the Russia Mini-Research Module 1.

NASA Atlantis space shuttle launch

 Above: Space Shuttle Atlantis emerges from the clouds seconds after its lift-off from launch pad 39A

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