Rostec to design new Russian landing-gear for Superjet

Russian state technology firm Rostec is to develop a new landing-gear assembly for the Sukhoi Superjet 100 under the programme to increase domestic components on the type.

The assembly will be produced by Rostec's Technodinamika division, through the Samara-based specialist Aviaagregat, and be available in 2023.

Rostec refers to the evolution of the twinjet as the 'SSJ New'.

It says the initial preliminary design phase for the new landing-gear has already been completed, covering systems such as nose-wheel steering and the retraction mechanism.

From the beginning of 2021 the initial assemblies will be supplied for a static model, followed by a series of landing-gear sets supplied for prototype aircraft and endurance testing.

"The new Superjet family will feature improved strength characteristics," says Technodinamika director general Igor Nasenkov.

"Owing to a stricter comfort-level requirement, options are being developed to improve undercarriage shock-absorption."

French aerospace firm Safran's Landing Systems division currently supplies the Superjet 100's main and nose gear and its related mechanisms.

Rostec says the SSJ-New is intended to emerge in 2024. It says the project, backed by the Russian trade and industry ministry, will maximise import substitution, increasing the proportion of domestically-produced components and systems to 50-60%.

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