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  • Russians open investigation into corporate jet crash

Russians open investigation into corporate jet crash

Russian investigators are investigating the cause of an accident at Moscow Vnukovo airport on 13 February involving a Bombardier Canadair Special Edition (registered N168CK), the corporate derivative of the CRJ100 regional jet.

Two crew members and a third person on board were hospitalised after the accident, in which the aircraft overturned, losing its starboard wing before coming to rest inverted with its undercarriage still deployed.

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The Bombardier jet crashed taking off from Vnukovo and overturned

According to Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee, the authority overseeing the investigation, the aircraft was departing from runway 06 in heavy snow showers bound for Berlin for a maintenance check. Russia's emergency situations ministry says that the aircraft suffered a sudden engine fire during take-off roll, adding: "The aircraft travelled beyond the limits of the runway, overturned and was destroyed."

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