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Ryanair extends connecting-flights service to Porto

Porto is to become the third airport at which Ryanair offers its connecting-flights service, joining Italy's Bergamo and Rome Fiumicino.

Ryanair says the service will be available at the Portuguese airport from January 2018. At booking stage, customers will be presented with a choice of 20 connecting services onto which they can transfer directly.

Connecting flights at Porto are among a range of new "Always Getting Better" initiatives the budget carrier has today unveiled at the Web Summit in Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Others include an upgraded Ryanair Rooms website, offering accommodation; a dedicated Chinese website; a personalised, via the MyRyanair customer registration platform; and Ryanair Tickets, a partnership with digital start-up Coras through which bookings for London theatre shows and other events and attractions can be made.

"We are pleased to launch these latest digital initiatives under year four of our Always Getting Better programme," states Ryanair marketing chief Kenny Jacobs, noting the airline's aspiration to become the "Amazon of Travel".

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