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Ryanair to offer all-business 737-700 for charter

Budget carrier Ryanair is to offer a Boeing 737-700 for corporate charter services, the aircraft being configured with just 60 business-class seats.

Ryanair – which acquired a -700 last year, indicating it would serve as a back-up and training jet – says that it is offering charter with the type. The carrier's regular mainline fleet comprises the larger -800.

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The aircraft will be operated on routes up to 6h and passengers will be offered a cabin fitted with leather seats, at a pitch of 48in, and “fine dining” on-board catering.

Ryanair will provide the cockpit and cabin crew.

Its charter hire division says the aircraft will be made available on a "cost per hour" basis, with overall quotes depending on the departure and arrival airport. "We offer the most competitive rate in Europe," it adds.

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