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Second G250 takes to the skies

The second Gulfstream G250 business jet - serial number 2002 - made its maiden flight on 25 March at co-developer Israel Aerospace Industries' Tel Aviv base.

The super-midsize aircraft - which will replace the G200 in service - flew for 1h 57min, reaching an altitude of 20,000ft (6,100m) and a speed of 195kt (360km/h), says Gulfstream. "The first test article has amassed more than 70 flight hours since its first flight in December, and has reached its maximum certified speed and altitude of Mach 0.85 and 45,000ft respectively," it adds.

 © Gulfstream

The G250 flight-test and certification programme involves three aircraft and around 1,300h of testing. "Each aircraft is used for a specific series of tests, with S/N 2001 focused on in-flight performance and handling, S/N 2002 on avionics and S/N 2003 on systems functionality and reliability. Evaluation of the airframe structure and new PlaneView TM 250 avionics package is under way, with testing of the fatigue article to begin later this year," says Gulfstream.

With certification and first deliveries of the G250 planned for next year, Gulfstream has begun a "cabin mock-up tour" of the USA in an attempt to increase exposure and stimulate sales of the Honeywell HTF7250G-powered aircraft.

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