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  • Severe turbulence injures over 20 on Emirates flight

Severe turbulence injures over 20 on Emirates flight

Over 20 occupants of an Emirates aircraft have been injured after the jet encountered severe turbulence while en route to the Indian city of Kochi.

The aircraft was cruising at flight level 350, around 50nm south of Bangalore airspace, when the incident occurred.

Three crew members and 20 passengers sustained injuries on board flight EK530, states the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority.

While the GCAA has not indicated the aircraft type, Emirates' online schedule shows that the Dubai-Kochi service is normally operated by Boeing 777-200s.

"All injuries are classified as minor - sprains, bumps and bruises," says the authority, citing information from Emirates, adding that none of those on board suffered fractures or serious concussion.

"All passengers have been allowed to leave the medical centre in Kochi." The GCAA gives the time of the incident as 04:14, although it has not indicated the locality of the time zone.

Indian investigators, assisted by the GCAA and Emirates, are conducting an inquiry into the turbulence event.

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