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Sikorsky S-92 exceeds 250,000 flight hours

Sikorsky's fleet of S-92 medium-lift helicopters has surpassed 250,000 flight hours since the first aircraft entered service six years ago.

During the first six months of 2010, the worldwide fleet added 50,000 flight hours alone, the company adds, with offshore transport to oil and gas platforms accounting for 90% of the total hours.

Eight offshore oil and gas transport companies fly 75 of the 117 in-service S-92 aircraft, serving platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and the waters around Newfoundland, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and China. Current mission availability across the fleet in 21 countries today stands at 94% and climbing.

Sikorsky S-92, Sikorsky 

 Credit: Sikorsky

One of the heaviest users, Bristow Norway, flies nine S-92s to North Sea platforms operated by Shell, BP, Statoil, ConocoPhillips and Talisman Energy. In the seven months from January to July 31, each Bristow S-92 averaged 124.5 flight hours a month - 1,120 flight hours for the fleet.

Bristow's highest airtime S-92 - operational since February 2005 - has flown 9,000h. The company's second-highest airtime S-92 is expected to reach 9,000h in the fourth quarter. Total airtime for the Bristow fleet is 74,000h.

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