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  • Special report: UAVs in civil airspace

Special report: UAVs in civil airspace

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Near miss over Kabul W200

Near misses between UAVs and airliners prompt NATO low-level rules review

NATO is studying options for improving low-level airspace co-ordination in operational areas in response to an increasing number of proximity incidents involving manned aircraft and unmanned air vehicles.


EASA calls for UAV airspace rules co-ordinating body

Green light imminent for UAV airspace initiative

Piloting a vision: Europe to take centre stage in the development of civil UAVs, due to better air traffic integration


 Featured articles

Clear vision: Access 5 takes one step at a time
The Access 5 group leaves no doubt about its vision: it wants routine operations of unmanned aerial vehicles within the US national airspace system this decade.

Common purpose: Future standards for UAV certification will be in harmony in Europe and in North America

See the future: Developing a see-and-avoid system that enables unmanned aircraft to operate safely alongside manned aircraft in civil airspace is the industry’s greatest quest

Atlantic harmony: Work on both sides of the Atlantic to open up airspace for UAV operations will create a new commercial market

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