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State auditor asked to probe Adria privatisation

Slovenia's parliamentary finance committee has proposed that the sale of the flag carrier Adria Airways to German firm 4K Invest be formally examined.

The decision follows an emergency committee session on 11 October. It convened after a request from the Levica political party to discuss the "adverse effects" of Adria's privatisation.

In a communication dated 15 October the finance committee issued a decision stating that the country's Court of Audit should investigate the sale, and the contract, under which the airline was sold to 4K Invest.

It adds that the results of this examination should be submitted to the National Assembly, the lower house of Slovenia's parliament, "as soon as possible".

Levica had been highly critical of the 2016 privatisation and this was echoed during the committee session by the right-wing SDS party.

Adria ceased operations on 30 September.

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