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  • Superjet performs high-latitude tests for Yakutia

Superjet performs high-latitude tests for Yakutia

Sukhoi has carried out tests of its Superjet 100 in high-latitude regions, to assess the avionics performance on the type ahead of deliveries to Russian carrier Yakutia.

The tests aimed to demonstrate correct functioning of inertial reference systems and satellite-based navigation equipment up to 78e_SDgr north latitude.

Sukhoi performed the trial flights with its prototype airframe 95005 - one of the original flight-test twinjets - at Tiksi airport, located 71.7e_SDgr north in the Yakutia region.

It undertook the tests over 12-19 April. Sukhoi carried out 11 flights, among them a non-stop sector between Moscow's Zhukovsky airport and Tiksi.

The aircraft conducted eight flights from Tiksi which "proved the proper functioning" of the navigation avionics, and a service back to Moscow via Krasnoyarsk.

Sukhoi says it intends to seek supplemental certification for the type following the tests. Yakutia is taking two Superjets this year and the airframer says the high-latitude performance is "of particular importance" to the airline's Arctic operations.

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