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  • SwiftBroadband is fastest growing Inmarsat aeronautical service

SwiftBroadband is fastest growing Inmarsat aeronautical service

SwiftBroadband has become the fastest growing aeronautical service in Inmarsat's history, the company announced today.

More than 400 channels of the 432kbit/s SwiftBroadband service have been activated on aircraft operating worldwide.

"SwiftBroadband offers the safe option for airlines considering in-flight communications, backed by the world's only next-generation global satellite network. It offers all the connectivity that airlines need, from delivering in-flight cellular services to instant messaging and access to the internet and corporate VPNs," says Inmarsat aeronautical business director David Coiley.

"Crucially, it is a single lightweight low-drag system that can be used for all three key areas of communication: the essential safety services, operational communications, and cabin connectivity."

Critical to the on-going success of SwiftBroadband is the growth in the number of type-approved equipment. "There is a range of around 30 avionics and antenna that can access SwiftBroadband, and we see that increase virtually every month, It is thanks to the hard work of our manufacturing partners that the service can meet the differing needs of the aeronautical community," says Coiley.

British Airways is the latest airline to deploy SwiftBroadband, using OnAir's in-flight connectivity solution on its new all business-class Airbus A318 service between London City Airport and New York's JFK.

The ground-breaking long-haul route was launched on 29 September.

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