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  • Trent 1000 completes crucial ETOPS test phase

Trent 1000 completes crucial ETOPS test phase

Rolls-Royce's Trent 1000 powerplant has completed an extended twin-engined operations testing phase, aimed at demonstrating reliability over 3,000 cycles under ETOPS conditions.

Testing was undertaken with the Trent 1000 - one of two engines offered for the Boeing 787 - in its full configuration for flight. This included fitted thrust-reversers, cowl doors and pylon.

The test-bed regime for the powerplant is aimed at enabling the 787 to obtain 330min ETOPS approval.

Rolls-Royce says the regime followed maintenance scheduling, fan and core washing, and power feed to other systems - such as hydraulics and electrics - in order to simulate operational service accurately.

"Successful completion of test-bed trials paves the way for the full aircraft ETOPS testing during the 787 flight-test programme," it says, adding that the manufacturer is also looking at "further areas of development and maturity opportunities".

Rolls-Royce says the tested engine has since been stripped and presented for inspection by the US FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency.

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