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  • UAV maker Innocon teams with Argentina's Nostromo

UAV maker Innocon teams with Argentina's Nostromo

Argentinian company Nostromo Defensa and Innocon of Israel have teamed to develop unmanned air vehicles for the Argentinian and other South American markets.

"The companies believe this co-operation will enable them to offer cost-effective, technologically advanced UAV systems which meet the special needs and requirements of this market," says Innocon. Technologies the company will provide under the arrangement include its Naviator flight computer.

Innocon says its on-board and ground-based computers provide "the backbone of the company's UAV capabilities", and that its Naviator equipment is "responsible for all flight aspects, including short distance and highly accurate landing on a wide range of surfaces". It can be used by air vehicles landing on wheels, skids or by parachute, the company adds.

Innocon believes its teaming agreement in Argentina could open up markets that so far have been mostly available to larger manufacturers, such as Elbit Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries.

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