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UIA 737's unauthorised turn preceded airprox at Paris

French investigators are probing an airprox incident at Paris Charles de Gaulle which appears to have followed an unauthorised manoeuvre by a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800.

The aircraft (UR-PSB) had departed runway 27L, on the northern side of the airport, for a service to Kiev.

French investigation authority BEA says the aircraft started “heading south, without clearance”.

BEA says an Air France Airbus A320, operating to Bordeaux, took off from a parallel runway on the southern side of the hub at the same time as the 737.

The westbound A320 (F-HBNJ) was held by air traffic control at 2,000ft.

BEA says the two aircraft conflicted with a vertical separation of 300ft and a horizontal separation of 2.27nm. It has categorised the event as a “navigation error”.

Analysis of the flight schedules suggest the incident occurred shortly before 14:00 on 11 November.

Weather conditions at the time indicate broken cloud at around 1,000ft and rain, although visibility was good.

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