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Ukraine presses for 20km safe-zone around MH17

Ukrainian authorities are trying to establish a 20km safe-zone around the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to enable investigators to examine the Boeing 777’s wreckage.

The zone is smaller than the 40km combat-free radius which Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko originally ordered on 21 July.

That declaration has since been updated to refer to a zone 40km in diameter.

Ukrainian deputy prime minister Vladimir Groisman, chairing the commission investigating the MH17 loss, says the country will not lead any military action within the 20km radius.

He says plans are being developed to give international specialists access to the site.

President Poroshenko has informed the Dutch and Australian governments about the unilateral ceasefire within the 20km zone, adding that he hopes this, and other measures, will ensure access for investigators in the shortest possible time.

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