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Uncle Roger's festive quiz 2006

 Seek a cosy corner far from the madding crowd, break out a bottle of an inspiring beverage of your choice, chuck your Six-Sigma Lean Manufacturing for Beginners handbook away, sit back in your mock-up Concorde captain's seat and strap in for this year's quiz.

As usual, the rules remain one point for each aeroplane or other flying contraption correctly identified in the pictures questions as indicated.


Scoring: (maximum 177 points)

  • over 160 - Total Aviation Person
  • 100-159 - come and work for Budgie News
  • 50-99 - apply to work with Bottom Neddy in the fuel price fixing and 'help the aged pilot' department at the Ministry of Planes
  • under 50 - take over as Top Neddy and work out the wiring problems on your Uncle's long-delayed Wide Bodied Armchair.

I thought a download was an unfortunate side effect of turning too many turns at high g, but the wonderful boys at have lovingly created a downloadable version of my quiz in that new, fangled portable document format. Click over my words here and apparently, by the magic of t'internet, the quiz will appear.

Now chocks away, smooth landings and a happy new year!

Roger Bacon


  Click here to view the answers, but no cheating or I'll tell Father Christmas.




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