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  • US Airways close to selling 10 E-190s

US Airways close to selling 10 E-190s

US Airways today said it is close to finalising an agreement to sell 10 of its 25 Embraer E-190s to another carrier.

The carrier in July disclosed it was considering the sale of that fleet type as a means to manage capacity during the economic downturn. The 25 aircraft represent roughly 2.5% of total consolidated capacity at US Airways.

Airline president Scott Kirby tells employees in an update the "E-190 capacity presents the only flexibility we have to further reduce capacity to right size supply with demand".

Eliminating the 10 E-190s will result in an adjustment in staffing levels in a number of employee groups and locations, Kirby explains. "We are still working on the revised schedule and will announce changes as soon as we know them."

Noting the potential impact on some of US Airways employees Kirby says it is "a decision none of us makes easily".

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