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Volotea to operate Toulouse-Hamburg shuttle for Airbus

Airbus has selected low-cost carrier Volotea to operate its corporate shuttle service between its primary production centres of Toulouse and Hamburg.

Volotea is to take up the role for five years, commencing 4 November.

The Spanish-headquartered airline has a fleet of over 30 aircraft with more than half of them Airbus A319s.

It has 19 of the twinjet type, six of which arrived this year, and also uses Boeing 717-200s – although the carrier plans to be an all-Airbus operator by 2022.

Volotea is to operate twice-daily between Toulouse and Hamburg, the main production facilities for the airframer's single-aisle programmes.

The carrier says it will dedicate two aircraft to the connection, with a specific seating configuration and "personalised" catering service developed for Airbus personnel.

Volotea will open a new base in Hamburg and recruit local cabin crew for the operation.

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