Vu Systems and Saab partner on EFVS package

A new technology capable of “seeing through clouds” – which its creators promise will revolutionise operations in low-visibility minima – has been launched at NBAA.

Vu Systems says its patented Vu Cube technology is the world’s first passive millimetre wave (PMMW) sensor for aviation.

“Our Vu Cube sensor can effectively see through fog, clouds and low ceilings, providing a significant visual advantage to pilots that is measured in miles, rather than feet,” says Vu chief executive Stedman Stevens.

While PMMW technology itself is not new, Stevens says the latest advances have enhanced its capabilities to a high level.

Vu is linking up with Saab, which offers a head-up guidance system using a traditional infra-red sensor to offer a dual-sensor Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) package. Saab Avionics Systems vice-president Jan Widerstrom says the two sensors work collaboratively using “smart bleeding” of data to provide pilots with a seamless visual display during low-visibility operations.

Talks are under way with potential customers among operators and OEMs – both manufacturers and tier one suppliers – about a launch application for the product. Widerstrom says that service entry of the Vu/Saab EFVS package would come around 18 months after launch on a platform.

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