Airbus has released the first details and images of the fully furnished cabin that is installed on A380 MSN007 – the aircraft undertaking today’s first ever media flight from Toulouse.

The A380 – which is the second example of the ultra large airliner to be fully furnished – is equipped with a 519-seat interior. Airbus says that MSN007’s “development and demonstration cabin” has 12 first class seats and 307 economy seats on the main deck, while the upper deck is equipped with 64 business class and 136 in economy seats.

The cabin features the Panasonic eX2 In-flight entertainment system in all classes, while the Thales TopSeries i-5000 system – which was first tested on the other A380 cabin trials aircraft MSN002 - is also available. 

The A380 is fitted with a lower deck crew rest compartment for cabin crew which is undergoing technical tests for certification purposes.

A380 MSN007 main economy cabin
All images © Hervé Goussé / Airbus

A380 MSN007 main stairs 
MSN007 flying today from Toulouse features a 10 abreast economy cabin in the aft section of the main deck (above),  the main passenger stairway leading from the forward main deck adjacent to door one to the upper deck (left) and a bar area in one of the cross-aisle zones on the main deck (below).
 A380 MSN007 upper deck business

Kieran Daly was on the flight. Read his blog from Toulouse.

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