The first prototype of the developmental Comac C919 has completed ground tests prior to airborne flutter testing.

The work on aircraft B-001A saw 22 parameters tested, focusing on the signal combinations that the aircraft structure will be subjected to, as well as the aircraft structure’s ability to damp vibrations.

“The main purpose of this test is to verify the function and performance of the flutter/ASE (aeroelasticity) flight test, the excitation system, and the safety protection system, check the functions of the airborne test equipment, telemetry and real-time monitoring pictures, and initially grasp the modal characteristics and ASE characteristics of the aircraft structure,” says Comac.

In addition, the ground testing familiarised the pilots with the flutter/ASE test equipment.

The successful competition of airborne flutter/ASE tests will allow Comac to expand the aircraft’s flight envelope.

In November, Comac achieved power-on for its third C919 test aircraft. It is expected to fly before year-end.

The first two test aircraft are undergoing flight tests at Xian, Shandong, and in Jiangxi province.

Source: Cirium Dashboard