Airbus has reissued a document indicating plans for a higher-weight A350-1000, although it lists the maximum take-off weight of the variant at 311t.

The variant, designated WV001, features a MTOW which is 3t higher than the current baseline of 308t.

Airbus had previously published – and subsequently withdrawn – a similar airport planning document which appeared to signal a variant with an even higher MTOW of 316t.

The airframer issued a revised document at the beginning of the month.

No detailed performance data is given for the 311t variant, which is listed as having the same 156,000-litre usable fuel capacity as the 308t version.

The document also gives 14 weight variants for the smaller A350-900, including a lightweight 210t version – designated WV017 – and two variants, WV010 and WV013, at 280t.

Airbus had previously disclosed that it planned to offer 280t variants of the -900, including a version called the -900ULR which would have ultra long-range capability.

Several other intermediate weight options are featured in the revised document, with MTOWs of 235t, 240t, 250t, 255t and 260t.

Airbus had originally offered three variants of the -900 comprising weights of 268t, 272t and 275t.

Source: Cirium Dashboard