Airbus has indicated that it will disclose an order for its ‘regional’ version of the A330 shortly, without identifying the potential customer.

The airframer has developed the variant as a high-density aircraft tailored for shorter routes through a reduction in its maximum take-off weight.

Chief operating officer for customers John Leahy, speaking during a briefing in Toulouse, said the company was pursuing “several campaigns” to sell the aircraft.

“I expect to have an announcement by the [Paris] air show,” he says.

Airbus has yet to secure an order for the aircraft which it formally launched in 2013. It has been aiming the jet particularly at the Chinese market.

Orders for the regional version would help bridge a production gap before ramp-up of the A330neo programme.

Airbus has already opted to cut the monthly production rate of the A330 to six. Leahy would not be drawn on details of open A330 sales campaigns but indicated Airbus could avoid a further reduction in this rate if active campaigns were converted successfully.

Source: Cirium Dashboard