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  • 737 damage-1

    Two anti-aircraft missiles fired from north towards UIA 737: inquiry


    Iranian investigators have disclosed that two missiles from a Tor-M1 anti-aircraft system were fired before the loss of Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 shortly after departure from Tehran. The Civil Aviation Organisation states that secondary radar contact with flight PS752 was initially lost at 06:15, about 3min after take-off, ...

  • Elbit Systems HyDrop Fixedwing launch-1

    Elbit demonstrates 24h firefighting using liquid pellets


    Elbit Systems is offering the prospect of round-the-clock airborne firefighting after demonstrating a method of dropping liquid pellets from 500ft – more than four times higher than the normal altitude for water bombing.

  • Kuwait A320neo

    Kuwait Airways turns in huge full-year loss


    Kuwait Airways’ latest full-year financial figures show the airline’s losses worsened to KD131.9 million ($435 million), the equivalent of over $17 million in losses for every aircraft in its fleet. Its revenues for the year to 31 December 2018 rose by 10% to KD344 million. While it slashed ...

  • easyjet a320

    EasyJet to make Sharm el-Sheikh return


    Low-cost carrier EasyJet’s move to resume flights to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh this summer marks a further UK operator return to what had been a key leisure destination.

  • Qatar A350

    ​Qatar Airways unveils eight new destinations for 2020


    Qatar Airways will add eight new destinations to its network from Doha later this year.

  • Tim Clark and Willie Walsh

    Clark and Walsh to leave formidable legacies at Emirates and IAG


    The coming year will see the retirement of two huge names within the airline sector who have been at the heart of some of the global industry’s most significant developments: IAG’s Willie Walsh and Emirates Airline’s Tim Clark.

  • Iran president Hassan Rouhani

    UIA 737 shoot-down: Iranian president juggles blame with contrition


    Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s statement of admission that the country’s defence forces shot down the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 in Tehran, lacing humility with an air of political justification, will doubtless be compared and contrasted with the US response to the accidental destruction of an Iran Air flight in ...

  • Comment1-c-Rouzbeh Fouladi_ZUMA Wire_Shutterstock

    Iran admits shooting down Ukrainian 737 by accident


    In a surprise move, the Iranian armed forces admitted to accidentally shooting down a Boeing 737-800 flown by Ukraine International Airlines on 8 January.

  • UIA 737 crash in Iran
    In depth

    Experts detail factors that may have led Iranian missile crews to down Ukrainian 737


    Though the cause of the Ukraine International Airlines crash remains unconfirmed, defence experts suspect high stress and poor civilian-military coordination led ill-trained missile units to mistakenly shoot down the Boeing 737-800.

  • Tehran 737 crash

    737 crash response needs transparency from Tehran


    Given the rock-bottom relations between Iran and the USA, it is inevitable that the 8 January crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 near Tehran has become ensnared by the tension between the two.

  • President Volodymyr Zelensky

    Missile attack on 737 yet to be proven: Ukrainian president


    Ukraine’s president has adopted a cautious approach over the Boeing 737-800 crash in Iran, as evidence mounts that the aircraft was brought down by a missile strike. President Volodymyr Zelensky stresses that the theory of a surface-to-air missile attack has not been confirmed but adds that it has not ...

  • UIA 737

    Tehran 737 crash probe proceeds amid disquiet over circumstances


    Iranian investigators have established a working group to examine the possibility of unlawful action against the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 which crashed outside Tehran on 8 January. The Civil Aviation Organisation says it has set up several groups to look into various aspects of the crash, in line ...

  • uia 737

    No transmissions from UIA 737 crew before crash: investigators


    Flight recorders from the crashed Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 in Tehran have been retrieved, with their memory units, although both have signs of physical damage. But there are no firm indications as to the circumstances of the 8 January event, including whether it might have been the result ...

  • Lufthansa A380

    Airlines reroute to avoid Iranian and Iraqi airspace


    Airlines operating between Asia and Europe are rapidly adjusting their flightpaths to avoid Iranian and Iraqi airspace, following military conflict between Iranian and US forces in Iraq and the crash of a Ukrainian International Airlines Boeing 737 after take-off from Tehran.

  • UIA 737-800

    UIA 737 'on fire' before crash: Ukrainian investigators


    Ukrainian investigators have indicated that a Boeing 737-800 which crashed shortly after departing Tehran had suffered an in-flight fire. The Ukrainian investigation authority NBAAI says the preliminary information has been obtained from “media sources”. It has not identified these sources, although an undated segment of video footage – ...

  • iran map

    US bans Iranian and Iraqi overflights citing risk to aircraft


    US operators have been prohibited from operating in Iranian and Iraqi airspace in relation to the geopolitical tensions and the potential risk to civil air traffic. The US FAA’s restriction also covers the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It states that the heightened military activities and ...

  • uia 737

    Crashed UIA 737 came down minutes after Tehran take-off


    Iranian investigators have formally identified a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 which crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport. The Civil Aviation Organisation says the twinjet was registered UR-PSR and had been bound for Kiev. It states that the aircraft took off at 06:12, operating as ...

  • UIA generic 737-800

    Ukraine International 737 crashes in Iran


    A Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 has reportedly crashed after taking off from Tehran. The aircraft, operating flight PS752 bound for Kiev, was carrying 180 passengers and crew, according to local media reports. While details surrounding the crash are unclear, some reports have pointed to “technical problems” as ...

  • royal jordanian

    Gulf Air and Royal Jordanian suspend service to Iraq amid regional tensions


    The Kingdom of Bahrain’s flag carrier Gulf Air and Jordan’s Royal Jordanian Airlines say they have suspended service to Iraq after a sharp escalation of political tensions in the region.

  • F-35 fires AMRAAM

    Raytheon receives $768 million AMRAAM deal


    Raytheon has secured a $768 million contract from the US Air Force to produce Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) for the US military as well as foreign partners. The deal covers production lot 33 and will be completed in 28 February 2023, according to the US Defense Department’s ...