Ukrainian authorities have disclosed that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER which crashed in the east of the country had suffered explosive depressurisation.

The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine released the information via its official social media feed.

It says that a specialist committee studying the cause of flight MH17’s destruction on 17 July has informed that it was subjected to “massive explosive decompression”.

The Council has not specified any trigger – hostile act or otherwise – for the sudden depressurisation.

Nor has it stated the source of its information.

Investigators in the UK have been analysing information from the two flight recorders retrieved from the 777’s wreckage.

Ukrainian air accident investigation authority NBAAI had last week requested a copy of information from the cockpit-voice recorder but says this was declined to ensure confidentiality of the data.

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch says that it has fed its information to the international investigation team through the Dutch Safety Board, which is heading the MH17 inquiry.

Investigation of the crash is being carried out under ICAO rules, says the Dutch Safety Board, adding that it has shared information only with the inquiry team, and not the Ukrainian government. "We didn't brief anybody else except the team members," it states.

Source: Cirium Dashboard