EASA has established a process under which UK aviation companies holding European certification can apply for third-country approvals in preparation for a potential no-deal Brexit.

Noting that government-level talks on the UK's withdrawal from the EU are ongoing and that "the final outcome of those negotiations cannot be pre-empted", the European regulator states: "This initiative is being launched in anticipation of a possible so-called 'no deal' scenario, which would result in the United Kingdom's effective withdrawal [from the EU] on 29 March 2019.

"However, in [the] case of a positive outcome to the negotiations, a transition period of 21 months until 31 December 2020 will be opened, during which everything will remain as it is today."

On 2 October, EASA started accepting applications by UK approval holders for third-country certifications as part of "possible preparedness measures".

Aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and training organisations, along with aeromedical centres, can use the process to apply for third-country approvals.

Applicants will be charged fees.

As the UK's departure from the bloc and proposed transitional arrangements are still being negotiated, EASA says it "cannot yet determine the ultimate impact of the withdrawal on EASA or its stakeholders".

It warns, however, that Brexit will "significantly alter EASA's co-operation with UK authorities and will not leave EASA's stakeholders untouched".

Until its departure from the EU, the UK can "fully" participate in EASA activities and retains speaking and voting rights, says the European regulator, but it adds: "After withdrawal the UK will cease to participate in the activities of EASA, and consequently the UK Civil Aviation Authority will no longer need to ensure compliance by UK-based companies with the EU aviation safety legislation."

In March, UK prime minister Theresa May said her government would seek continued EASA membership for the UK as a third country. Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are EASA members as associated states.

Source: Cirium Dashboard