Tokyo Narita International airport is offering landing charges rebates in an attempt to attract more carriers to the airport, and expand both its international and domestic networks.

From 1 April, an airline will receive a 20% rebate on landing charges for new routes launched, and an additional 30% rebate if the route is currently not linked to Narita by a scheduled service. The discount will be halved in the second year of operations.

Should an airline’s six-month cumulative landing charges for both passenger and cargo flights exceed that of the previous corresponding period, the airline will also receive a 50% rebate on that additional amount due to be paid.

The discounts will last for three years, ending 31 March 2018.

Narita has long been criticised for being one of the world’s most expensive airports to operate from, and is also facing pressure from Haneda International airport’s growing international network. Haneda also has the advantage of being closer to central Tokyo.

Source: Cirium Dashboard