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Alsalam to modify Saudi F-15s to enhanced standard

Alsalam Aerospace Industries has been awarded an almost $59.7 million, fixed-price contract to convert six Boeing F-15S fighters to the enhanced SA-model configuration for the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Detailed by the US Department of Defense in a 24 July contract notice, the award covers conversion activities to be conducted at Alsalam's Riyadh facilities by August 2020, along with programme management and labour costs.

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US Air Force

Alsalam is already a component supplier to its part-owner Boeing on the new-build F-15SA, manufacturing and assembling wings, forward fuselages, pylons and adapters.

Boeing rolled out Riyadh's first F-15SA in April 2013, describing the update as offering "improved performance and increased survivability at a lower life-cycle cost" than previous models of the twin-engined type. A total of 84 new aircraft are being produced, while 68 others will undergo modernisation.

Updates include the installation of a Raytheon APG-63(V)3 active electronically scanned array radar, BAE Systems digital electronic warfare suite, and the addition of two more under-wing weapon stations.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows Saudi Arabia as currently operating 191 F-15s, with this total including 67 S-model examples, aged between 18 and 22 years, and 44 in the SA configuration, including three upgraded examples.