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  • Brazil signs AMX support deal with Alenia Aermacchi

Brazil signs AMX support deal with Alenia Aermacchi

The Brazilian air force has awarded Alenia Aermacchi a contract worth €58 million ($75 million) for the logistical support of its AMX strike aircraft inventory.

Under the terms of the three-year deal, the European airframer will deliver engineering support services from Rio de Janeiro, plus aircraft servicing and overhaul activities linked to the locally designated A-1 fleet.


Brazilian air force

"This agreement is part of a larger Brazilian air force programme designed to guarantee full operational capability of the AMX fleet for the next 20 years," Alenia Aermacchi says. Led by Embraer, this also includes the service's ongoing A-1M modernisation programme.

Jointly developed by Italian and Brazilian industry, the AMX is in operational use with both nations' air forces. Brazil has an active inventory of 48 single-seat A-1A/Ms, plus 10 AMX-T/A-1B trainers, says Flightglobal's MiliCAS database.

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