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C295 makes splash in firefighting trial

Airbus Military is working on a potential new civilian application for its C295 medium transport, having performed an initial test of its suitability as a firefighting platform.

The European company on 22 October released an image of a C295 development aircraft taking part in a recent water bombing trial at a location near Cordoba in Spain. This shows the transport releasing water from a tank installed within its fuselage, as part of an assessment of the act’s effect on its aerodynamic performance and centre of gravity.

Asset Image

Airbus Military

“The flights went well, and further tests are planned in the near future to make a more detailed analysis of the C295 as a firefighter aircraft,” Airbus Military says.

Derived from the smaller CN235 and with a maximum payload capacity of around 9t, the twin-turboprop C295 has already been adapted for use as a maritime patrol and anti-surface/anti-submarine warfare aircraft. Airbus Military has also completed flight testing the aircraft carrying an aerodynamic model of an airborne early warning system radome, and discussed the potential of adapting the type for use as a dedicated gunship.

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