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DSEi: AmSafe to protect KC-46A tanker crews

Phoenix, Arizona-based AmSafe Industries has won a contract to provide cargo restraint systems and other equipment for the Boeing KC-46A tanker.

Potentially worth more than $45 million over the life of the US Air Force's KC-X programme, the deal covers the delivery of 9g-rated barrier nets and smoke barriers for the 767-based KC-46A.

Equipment deliveries are due to commence in 2015.

AmSafe announced details of its win at the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition in London on 13 September.

"The barrier net is designed to restrain a shifting cargo load from penetrating the crew section of the main deck," said Neal McKeever, vice president of defence. "The smoke barrier performs as a blockade between the cargo and crew, preventing smoke or flames from entering into the passenger cabin and flight deck areas of the aircraft."

Boeing won the 179-aircraft KC-X contest in February 2011, to replace the USAF's oldest KC-135 tanker/transports with a development of the 767.

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