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DUBAI: UK firms promote counter drone tech and weapons

UK companies are promoting a range of high-tech defence products at this year’s show with a dedicated pavilion.

Steelrock is promoting its NightFighter counter unmanned air vehicle technology. The handheld system uses radio waves to disable UAVs and is available in three versions of varying capability.

The company says the system is suitable for military applications, as well as protecting sensitive infrastructure such as airports, power plants, prisons and stadiums.

Inzpire is at the show to promote its GECO military air mission support system (MSS). The system, which is in service with the Royal Air Force, includes a ground-based mission planning system that can transfer missions plans to an aircraft’s avionics, and an onboard tablet-based MMS.

“The GECO (Air) table provides a highly-intuitive display of tactical and safety information complementing existing aircraft systems, enhancing mission effectiveness and reducing cockpit workload,” says the company.

“The tablet provides a GPS digital moving map, embedded tactical mission data, and full electronic flightbag functionality.”

Thales, meanwhile, has brought its FFLMM small, precision-guided air-dropped munition for air platforms including UAVs.

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