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  • JAL to participate in programme to reduce emissions

JAL to participate in programme to reduce emissions

Japan Airlines is to participate in the Aspire programme, which seeks to establish industry-wide aviation standards and procedures to reduce the environmental impact of air travel.

Aspire, otherwise known as the Asia and Pacific initiative to reduce emissions, is a joint initiative between the US FAA, Airservices Australia and air navigation services provider Airways New Zealand, says JAL.

The Aspire flight will be undertaken by JAL subsidiary JALways on 10 October, it says

A JALways Boeing 747-400 on the Honolulu-Osaka route will attempt to reduce fuel consumption by 5,362 litres and carbon dioxide emissions by 3,140 kilograms, it says.

A range of means will be used to achieve these savings, says JAL.

These include maximising the use of ground electricity before takeoff, washing the engines to increase efficiency, flying at optimum cruising altitude and using two engines for taxing as opposed to four.

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