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  • Kazakhstan to assemble 20 EC725 helicopters

Kazakhstan to assemble 20 EC725 helicopters

Kazakhstan is to expand its cooperation with Eurocopter after signing a letter of intent linked to the proposed local assembly of 20 EC725 transports (below) and finalising an order for eight more EC145s.


© Anthony Pecci/Eurocopter

Both developments happened during the KADEX-2012 exhibition in the Kazakh capital Astana earlier this month, Eurocopter says.

The Kazakhstan air force has already received six EC145s from the nation's total stated requirement for 45 of the medium-twin helicopters, and will get two more configured for search and rescue missions under the new commitment. The other six will be delivered to the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Eurocopter says.


© Charles Abarr/Eurocopter

Kazakhstan has a total stated requirement for 45 EC145 aircraft

The additional EC145s will be assembled at the Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering facility adjacent to Astana airport, and the same site will perform similar work on the planned 20-strong EC725 fleet. All examples of the latter type will be introduced by the Kazakh armed forces, "in a full range of mission applications", the European manufacturer says.

The nation's government had also previously selected the civilian model EC225 to meet its VIP transport requirements.

Kazakhstan's other military rotary-wing assets include Mi-17, Mi-24 and Mi-26 transports, as recorded by Flightglobal's HeliCAS database.

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