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  • MBDA to protect Spanish army Tigers

MBDA to protect Spanish army Tigers

MBDA will supply its Saphir-M self-protection equipment for the Spanish army's future fleet of 24 Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopters, under a new subcontract with Indra Sistemas.

Also previously selected for Tigers ordered by Australia, France and Germany, the chaff and flare dispensers guard against a range of threats, including infrared-guided missiles. The system can be operated in either automatic or semi-automatic modes, MBDA says.


Meanwhile, MBDA has confirmed that its Scalp Naval cruise missile was launched for the first time in testing on 28 May. A ship-launched version of the Scalp-EG/Storm Shadow design being developed for the French navy, the weapon was fired from a vertical launcher at the Biscarosse test range of France's DGA procurement agency.

The long-range design is also intended for launch from France's Barracuda-class submarines.

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