NBAA: Gulfstream announces range extensions for G500 and G600

Gulfstream is showing off its latest types – the G500 and G600 – with full interiors at the static this week, as it completes the final stages of the G500’s flight test campaign, ahead of entry into service early next year. It has also announced range extensions for the two large-cabin aircraft.

While the Savannah-based airframer had expected to have a demonstration version of the G500 certificated this year, the aircraft will now not reach that benchmark until “early next year”. However, president Mark Burns said at a press conference this morning that the original schedule for first customer delivery would still be met.

Gulfstream also announced that the G500 will now reach 5,200nm (9,630km), an extra 200mn, at Mach 0.85. Meanwhile, the larger G600 will reach 6,500nm at the same speed, a 300nm increase.

The five G500s flying have completed 995 flights and 3,690h. The longest sortie – 10h 19min from London to Las Vegas – took place this week. Five G600s are also in flight test – that type will enter service in early 2019.

Gulfstream launched the G500 and G600 in 2014.

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