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Pilatus marks PC-21 production milestone

Pilatus has rolled out its 100th PC-21 turboprop trainer, with the Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft sporting special markings.

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The Swiss manufacturer says it has so far completed deliveries of 25 PC-21s to the United Arab Emirates, 19 to Singapore and eight to Switzerland, and also transferred an undisclosed number to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These have ordered 24 and 55 examples, respectively.

“With the rest of the aircraft currently in production, both air forces look forward to revolutionising their pilot training programmes,” Pilatus says.

The company notes that the latest PC-21 to roll off the final assembly line in Stans also is the 1,000th turboprop trainer that it has produced. This total also includes PC-7/Mk II and PC-9 aircraft. Flightglobal’s MiliCAS database records 703 of these as being in current active use with military and civilian operators.