United Arab Emirates investigators are probing a serious incident during which an Emirates Airbus A380 descended below the glideslope during an approach to Moscow Domodedovo.

The General Civil Aviation Authority's accident investigation division tells FlightGlobal that the incident occurred on 10 September.

It says the aircraft had been transporting 446 occupants – comprising 420 passengers and 26 crew – when the incident occurred on the approach to runway 14R.

"No injuries or damage to the aircraft was reported," says the authority.

Russia's counterpart, the Interstate Aviation Committee, has yet to comment on the situation. Under aviation regulations it would be the lead investigation agency for the event.

Neither authority has indicated the extent of the deviation, nor has the type of approach been disclosed, although the runway is equipped with ILS.

Emirates operates twice-daily to Domodedovo, with the later flight, EK131, operated by an A380. The approach was conducted around sunset.

Meteorological data for the airport indicates clear weather and good visibility at the time.

Source: Cirium Dashboard