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    USAF releases light attack RFI for ‘limited number’ of aircraft


    ​The US Air Force (USAF) released its final request for proposal (RFI) for about half a dozen Textron Aviation AT-6 and Sierra Nevada /Embraer A-29 light attack aircraft.

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    FAA pulls licence of shop that repaired crashed 737 Max's sensor


    The US Federal Aviation Administration has revoked the aircraft repair station licence held by Xtra Aerospace, the Florida shop that repaired the angle-of-attack (AOA) indicator investigators say contributed to the 2018 crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max.

  • G700 - Gulfstream

    Why Gulfstream is right to think big with G700


    Tom Wolfe called them Masters of the Universe in his 1987 novel The Bonfire of the Vanities – Wall Street plutocrats with wealth and influence to control every detail of their lives with a phone call, command, or flash of a credit card. For today’s Masters of the Universe – ...

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    Alaska Q3 profit driven by Hawaii routes


    Alaska Air Group reported a net profit of $322 million during the third quarter, compared to $217 million during the same quarter in 2018 as the company continues its aggressive cost management mentality.

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    Spirit Q3 profit hit by heavy weather


    ​Spirit Airlines reports $992 million in operating revenue during its third quarter, a 10% increase compared with the same quarter during 2018, delivering $83.5 million net profit as the ultra-low-cost carrier plans to build a new headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and expand its Airbus fleet.

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    Southwest takes $210m Max hit in Q3, expects another knock in Q4


    ​Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines says it lost $210 million in revenue during the third quarter as a result of the Boeing 737 Max grounding since March, and expects the loss to be higher in the fourth quarter due to the reshuffling of aircraft and schedule for traditional holiday season-related travel.

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    Boeing KC-46A starts IOT&E despite US Air Force concerns


    ​The Boeing KC-46A Pegasus in-flight refueling tanker formally transitioned into Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) on 22 October.

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    American expects 737 Max grounding cost to rise to $540m


    American Airlines expects its total cost for the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max to be about $540 million in pre-tax earnings in 2019, up from a previous estimate of $400 million.

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    Why Boeing faces 'worst crisis' in its history


    Boeing remains the world s largest aerospace company by revenue, but its lead over number two Airbus shrank further on 23 October with a third quarter financial report riddled with challenges, among them tumbling revenue, the 737 Max crisis, 777X delays, a 787 production rate cut and unresolved KC-46A quality ...

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    Boeing earns $1.2bil profit by relying on defence & services


    ​Boeing squeaked out $1.2 billion in net earnings for the third quarter of 2019, despite a $40 million loss from operations in its commercial airplanes division.

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    ANALYSIS: ATLAS Citation separates winglet from 'blinglet'


    In theory, the most efficient wing is infinitely long, which is obviously not possible. The practical application of this truism is that the higher a wing’s aspect ratio (span squared/area), the more efficient it is. One only need look at a sailplane’s long, narrow wings to see this in practice.

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    Gulfstream raises the stakes with G700 launch


    Gulfstream rocked the business jet industry on 21 October by launching a new 19-passenger business jet called the G700 – a 7,500nm (13,900km)-range, Rolls-Royce Pearl 700-powered behemoth with specs that align closely with Bombardier's Global 7500.

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    After G500/G600, next Gulfstream move comes into question


    This year’s NBAA comes shortly after Gulfstream delivered the first G600, a milestone that has brought the type into service alongside its sibling, the G500, capping the development project for the two aircraft.

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    Textron delays Denali's first flight due to ongoing Catalyst engine testing


    Textron Aviation has pushed back the first flight of its Cessna Denali turboprop to an unspecified time due to slower-than-expected testing of the aircraft's GE Aviation Catalyst engine.

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    Tecnam welcomes P2012 Traveller to Las Vegas


    Tecnam has welcomed its first P2012 Traveller to NBAA, and the Italian company's executives are talking up future VIP and cargo variants of the new piston-engined twin.

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    USAF awards $6.4bn for mock dogfighting services


    ​The US Air Force’s (USAF) Air Combat Command awarded seven companies contracts worth $6.4 billion in total to provide mock dogfighting and aerial combat training services over the next five years.

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    Honeywell's 10-year business jet delivery forecast slips to 7,600


    Honeywell has adjusted downwards its ten-year new business jet delivery forecast, although it still expects a bump in 2019 deliveries thanks to entry into service of new models.

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    Boeing asked FAA in 2017 to strip MCAS from Max training report


    ​Former Boeing chief 737 technical pilot Mark Forkner asked the Federal Aviation Administration in 2017 to remove mention of the 737 Max's MCAS system from a report used to develop training standards for 737 Max pilots, according to newly-disclosed emails.

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    USAF looks for expeditionary precision landing system for Pacific


    ​The US Air Force (USAF) is looking for a precision approach landing system to enable its aircraft to land at expeditionary air strips on islands in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Boeing Porsche 2

    Will Boeing/Porsche pact turbocharge urban mobility?


    There have been hints before that the automotive sector was looking with interest at the potential offered by urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles, but the pact between Boeing and Porsche provides the most concrete evidence so far.