Insitu has received three export contracts for its ScanEagle unmanned air vehicle that will see it deliver the system to Cameroon, Kenya and Pakistan.

Under the USA's Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme, Cameroon and Kenya will receive one ScanEagle system each by September 2016, through deals worth $9.39 million and $9.86 million respectively, the US Department of Defense announced on 29 September.

The acquisitions for Cameroon and Kenya will include 50% of the work on each contract being carried out in-country, and will see the delivery of analogue medium wave infra-red ScanEagle UAVs, launch and recovery equipment, ground control stations, Insitu video exploitation systems and ground support equipment for the governments, says the contract notice.

Kenya will additionally acquire one mark 4 launcher, two full mission training devices and spares kits.

ScanEagle - Boeing


The details on Pakistan’s $15.2 million order are less clear, with the US DoD simply saying that hardware and technical data will be delivered to the Pakistani government under the FMS programme by August 2016. It adds that 90% of the work will be carried out in the USA and the remaining 10% in country.

Additionally, Insitu has been awarded an $8.7 million contract by the US Naval Air Systems Command to provide spares for the RQ-21A Blackjack UAV, support marine expeditionary unit deployments, and squadron readiness training.